“The city that has it all, someone said. Yes, probably some proud local citizen. Because we are proud to live in Jönköping”

There is so much you can discover within and around Jönköping. On this page we will try to guide you to some wonderful excursions while you are here.

This is Jonkoping:

  • A 10 km long sandy beach.
  • Europe’s longest park bench
  • Elmia – exhibition and activity area. They arrange one of the largest fairs.



There is so much to do in Jönköping, if you have time to spare. We have picked up some alternatives and you can read about them below. Should you require further information, contact us for more information and packages with accommodation and your desired activity.


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Jönköping can offer a lot of sports. Hockey, football, tennis, biking, canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, bowling, curling and fencing.



Jönköping also has a rich cultural life. Visit our new building for concert and theatre, or the theater next door to the Grand. Or maybe a visit to Huskvarna park.



There are a lot of shopping to do in Jönköping. Just outside the Grand, you have a full range of boutiques, right under your nose.



Not far from Jönköping you will find Gränna. An idyllic little town where you can se how “polkagrisar” are made. Stroll around the cobbled streets or take a boat trip over to the amazing island of Visingsö.


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Jönköping is known for its many golf courses. Stay at the Grand and play golf on one of the nine courses Jönköping has to offer. Take a look at Golfköpings homepage.



In summer, a visit to the pier is a necessity. A large number of restaurants situated just down by the water. Almost like the Riviera but in Småland.