Praised tavern in Jönköping

With soaring ambitions and a personal hosting in a relaxed environment, Sweden’s best selection of quality spirits and a cocktail menu of rank are presented. Put finesse on life and welcome to El Duderino.

Great homely atmosphere

Our philosophy is that good food is created by people who are passionate about the raw material, craft and nature. Food without shortcuts and prepared from scratch. In our kitchen we cook our own funds, bake our bread, make our own pasta, make our own ice cream. We have a passion for the well-prepared and when the raw materials are first-class.

The true Italian cuisine

The goal of the restaurant has always been to serve the true Italian cuisine, real Italian food that is cooked in a traditional way with fine Italian ingredients.

La Locandiera

First class Thai restaurant

Jungle Thai is a first-class Thai restaurant with a fascinating and exclusive environment. The food we serve provides fantastic taste experiences and the emphasis is on Thai cuisine.

Forget prestige and achievement!

Yoga is for everyone and is an individual experience. Customize the yoga based on where you are right now, your body and what your conditions are – It’s your choices. The combination of deep breathing and exercises that provide balance, agility and strength gives you a balance in body, thought and soul.