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Mood Studio is an innovative interior architecture firm specializing in conceptual public places, everything from accounting firm, to the hotel nightclub. The studio consists of Emily Hedenstedt and Hanna Seegers, two creative architecture loving individuals who, after several years of experience in the architectural industry creates their vision through Mood Studio. In 2010 they created Mood Studio in Jönköping and it´s now available in Millwaukee, USA. With influences from the different continents, they create exciting environments with an edge.

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This is how it is supposed to look when we are done. To the left you see three pictures of sketches for interior color and shape. It will take some time but we hasten slowly. We are convinced that this will be something special!

Our ambition is that within three years we will have achieved our results. Lots of thoughts and ideas on how we want it to look like.
Now you can be part of our development and have some influence. As long as the construction is going on you can influence
and be a source of inspiration. Please give suggestions on how you want your and our hotel to look like.